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National Best Selling Author, Jessica N. Watkins, was born on April 1st in Chicago, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts with Focus in Psychology from DePaul University and a Masters of Applied Professional Studies with a focus in Business Administration from the like institution.

Urban Fiction Books – Falling in Love with The Dark Side

Urban fiction books, sometimes referred to as street lit, hip-hop lit, gangsta lit, or ghetto lit, depicts inner-city life with a typically gritty, somber tone. The story sheds light on the harsh reality of city living, touching on difficult topics like drug usage, gangs, sex, poverty, and violence.
The reading of this genre is typically marred by the unconventional events where a character survives through the dark phases of life. Sexual content is also a part of the flow that follows these urban writings.

A Mystical Reading Experience

Urban fiction novels take a gloomy approach while expressively portraying the storyline. These novels have the aura of imparting curiosity among the readers with a central focus on keeping them engaged and in the loop.
The tone and phrasal density of these writings paint a mystical picture of the overall story while connecting the dots gradually. Crime thrillers or sexually violent themes are the core aspects of the storylines of these lucratively dark fictional novels.

Fictional Timeline

Top urban fiction books’ new releases have set out on the fictional pattern of writing where every single componentry of the story makes it more interesting on the way forward. The fictional writing framework yields the immense reader-friendly content of urban literature.
Fiction gives the power stroke to instill a flare of emotions among the readers in a slowly patterned story. A dark yet appealing version of urban literature depends largely on the foreword of fictional composition, creating a curious mindset right from the beginning.

Urban Books Barnes and Noble – A Stroke of Powerful Words

Urban literature is not merely a combination of fictional curiosity. Rather, it is pinch-perfect use of powerful words in a violent piece to leave a lasting impact on the readers’ minds.
Urban Literature – An Era of Shadows!